Bonds & Interest Rates

A listing of bonds and interest rates which are updated daily. For those who are trading bonds via bond ETFs or bond mutual funds, this page is for you.

U.S. Treasury Bond Yields

Yield %Change
1 Month Treasury Bond0.99-0.01%
3 Month Treasury Bond1.02-0.06%
6 Month Treasury Bond1.140.00%
1 Year Treasury Bond1.22-0.01%
2 Year Treasury Bond1.360.00%
3 Year Treasury Bond1.520.01%
5 Year Treasury Bond1.81-0.01%
7 Year Treasury Bond2.07-0.01%
10 Year Treasury Bond2.26-0.01%
20 Year Treasury Bond2.60-0.01%
30 Year Treasury Bond2.840.00%

Treasury Bills Yields (T-Bills)

Yield %Change
4 Week Treasury Bill (T-Bill)0.97-0.01%
91 Day Treasury Bill (T-Bill)1.01-0.05%
182 Day Treasury Bill (T-Bill)1.120.00%

Fed Rates

Yield %Change
Federal Funds Rate1.160.00%
Federal Discount Rate1.750.00%

Libor Lending Rates

Yield %Change
1 Month LIBOR1.230.00%
3 Month LIBOR1.310.00%
6 Month LIBOR1.450.00%
1 Year LIBOR1.730.00%