Exchange traded funds are baskets of securities that trade intraday like individual stocks on an exchange, and are typically designed to track an underlying index. ETFs can be used to help diversify your portfolio.

Most Gained ETFs and Most Lost ETFs

These are the best etfs and the worst etfs in today's trading session.

Top Gaining ETFs

Price %Change
PALLEtfs Physical Palladium S...132.223.36%
JJCipath Dj-ubs Copper TR Su...45.840.95%
PPLTEtfs Physical Platinum Sh...84.000.77%
QQQPowershares Qqq 187.150.35%
EFAishares Msci Eafe Index 66.710.29%
ZSLProshares Ultrashort Silv...40.060.25%
DGPPowershares DB Gold Doubl...22.470.09%
TBTProshares Ultrashort 20+ ...34.440.06%
JJUipath Dj-ubs Aluminum TR ...42.630.02%

Top Losing ETFs

Price %Change
EWZishares Msci Brazil Index...40.05-1.81%
PHOPowershares Water Resourc...33.95-1.02%
GDXMarket Vectors Gold Miner...21.66-0.69%
JJTipath Dj-ubs Tin TR Sub-i...51.51-0.68%
JJNipath Dj-ubs Nickel TR Su...51.41-0.65%
UGLProshares Ultra Gold 36.05-0.41%
SPYSpdr S&p 500 289.45-0.24%
GLDSpdr Gold Shares 120.28-0.19%
IAUishares Gold Trust 12.21-0.16%
SLVishares Silver Trust 14.05-0.14%
AGQProshares Ultra Silver 23.95-0.08%
SIVREtfs Physical Silver Shar...14.55-0.07%
DBSPowershares DB Silver 22.10-0.05%