Fidelity Investments

Fidelity is the online trading brokerage of choice with ETFs, mutual funds, IRAs, retirement planning and investment solutions

Why Choose Fidelity

Guidance & research

  • One-on-one guidance
  • Powerful screening and planning tools
  • Exclusive Fidelity insights

One-on-one guidance and online help

Get help navigating the markets today and throughout your life.

  • Free, 24/7 access1 to experienced investment professionals
  • Ideas for building and managing your portfolio
  • Help saving for and living in retirement
  • Free planning tools and calculators

Great value

Committed to lower costs to help your money go further.

  • $7.95 online trades
  • Low account minimums
  • Free services for every investor

Research, analysis, and insights

Helps you uncover your next big investing idea.

  • Simple searches and in-depth screeners
  • Free research from 10+ independent firms
  • Specialists to answer your most detailed questions
  • Video lessons from experts

Investment choice

A broad range of options can help you invest for any goal.

  • IRAs, managed accounts, 529s, and more
  • Mutual funds, stocks, fixed income
  • Active Trader Services

Exceptional service

You’ll get the help you need every step of the way.

  • 24/7 support
  • Advanced services for complex needs
  • Highly trained, U.S.-based staff


  • SmartMoney magazine, June 2010, 2011 and June 2012. Industry review ranking 17 leading discount brokers in 2010, 10 in 2011 and 10 in 2012. Results based on ratings in the following categories: commissions and fees, mutual funds and investment products, banking services, trading tools, research, and customer service. Criteria not equally weighted.
  • Kiplinger’s magazine, February 2011. Industry review ranking 14 leading discount brokers. Results based on ratings in the following categories: costs, Web site usability, investment choices, customer service, and research and tools. Criteria not equally weighted. Fidelity was also #1 in the last survey conducted (November 2008), which ranked 12 discount brokers using similar criteria. For 2010, TD Ameritrade tied with Fidelity for the #1 spot.
  • Money magazine’s #1 Cash Rewards Card- Money magazine, April 2010,  “100 Best Money Moves You Can Make.”

Accounts & Investments

Popular accounts

  • IRAs and Rollovers — from America’s retirement leader
  • Brokerage — trade and invest in The Fidelity Account®
  • Cash management — a no-fee alternative to traditional checking
  • College savings — low-cost, Fidelity-managed 529 plans
  • Managed accounts — let our professionals invest for you

Popular investments

  • Mutual Funds — over 5,000 from Fidelity and other companies
  • Stocks — $7.95 for every online U.S. equity trade
  • ETFs — commission-free trades on 30 iShares® ETFs online
  • Fixed income & bonds — choice, value, and tools to help you choose
  • Annuities — streamlined, low-cost, and easy to understand

Exceptional Service

  • 24/7 support – Whenever you need help, our experienced professionals are here.
  • Highly trained, U.S.-based staff
  • 24/7 help online and over the phone
  • Over 150 Investor Centers for in-person help nationwide
  • Access to specialists in trading, fixed income, annuities, college planning, and more

Advanced services

Customers with more complex needs can get more direct, personal help.

  • If you trade 120+ times a year, tap into exclusive tools, service, and benefits from Active Trader Services.
  • Customers with over $250k in invested assets may qualify for a dedicated account executive to help you with your planning and investing needs.
  • Our professionals can manage your investments for you.

Fidelity offers more ways to understand your investments

  • Organize – Look at your holdings by account or across accounts to really understand what you own.
  • Analyze – See your portfolio allocation by asset class, investment style, and industry sector. Check daily change and change since purchase of each investment.
  • Research – Find charts and Morningstar ratings for each mutual fund you own. Link to up-to-date company research and reports for stocks.
  • Access your documents – Get online statements, trade confirmations, tax forms, prospectuses, and annual reports.

Get Details On the Securities You Own

See current prices

  • Real-time quotes for stocks
  • Daily prices for mutual funds

See current portfolio performance

  • Performance information on your securities, including:
    • – $ and % changes in value since the previous market close
    • – $ and % changes in value since you purchased the security
  • Performance information at the specific lot or share level for each security you own

See a detailed summary of your holdings

  • Proceeds and estimated cost basis and gain/loss from the sale of each security from the past two years (subject to certain limitations)
  • Each position’s short- or long-term holding period
  • Year-to-date interest, dividend income, and estimated gain/loss information for each account to help you track the performance of your investments

Trading Online at Fidelity

Pay less at Fidelity

  • $7.95 online U.S. equity trades – unlimited number of shares and trades
  • $7.95 + $0.75 per contract for online options trades

Trade with confidence

  • Immediate notification of trade order status online, to your e-mail inbox or to your mobile device
  • Free research reports from over 10 independent firms covering over 4,500 stocks
  • Trade from, our advanced trading platform, Active Trader Pro® or on your mobile device
  • A one-second execution guarantee – our commitment to execution excellence

Access a wide range of investment choices

  • U.S. and international stocks, mutual funds, options, bonds and ETFs
  • Trade the most commission-free iShares® ETFs online – 30 in all
  • No loads on Fidelity funds
  • Over 1,400 funds from the industry’s leading fund companies offered with no transaction fee

Active Trader Services

  • $7.95 flat commission online trades
  • Take a tour of our advanced Active Trader offering
  • Dedicated trading specialists

The Convenience of Online Transactions

  • Move money electronically between your bank and Fidelity
  • Move cash and securities between your Fidelity accounts
  • Easily manage your accounts online, even fund your IRA and 529 accounts
  • For Employer Sponsored Accounts, navigate to your plan to view the available online transactions for your account

Set up and deposit

  • Eligible customers can establish the Electronic Funds Transfer service to deposit funds.

Fidelity BillPay® is fast, easy, and free

  • Get an alert when a new bill arrives – no more checking for new bills.
  • Use the calendar feature to determine the earliest pay date for each bill.
  • Set up recurring payments and never miss a due date again with guaranteed delivery.
  • Add payee information quickly – you may only need a phone number.
  • Get online help, and assistance with specific payments, from Fidelity.
  • Enjoy all of these features at no cost to you.

Pay bills from your brokerage accounts

  • Payments arrive on the date you select.
  • Next day and same day payments for select participating payees (typically larger merchants).

Pay medical bills from your Health Savings accounts

  • Pay bills for qualified medical expenses directly from your Fidelity HSA.

Pay college bills from your 529 accounts

  • Withdraw funds for qualified higher education expenses, such as tuition, books, and school supplies.
  • Send payments directly to your college or university.

Account Features

  • Account Access Rights (Power of Attorney and Trading Authorization)
  • Account Ownership
  • ATM and Credit Cards
  • Annuity Asset Management
  • Automatic Investments
  • Automatic Withdrawals
  • Bank Information to Transfer Money
  • Bill Payment
  • Checkwriting and Deposit Slips (including Reorders)
  • Cost Basis Information Tracking
  • Direct Deposit
  • Dividends and Capital Gains
  • Financial Profile
  • Full view® Maintenance
  • International Trading
  • Margin and Options
  • Real-Time Quotes

Communications Options

  • Alerts
  • eDelivery/Paper Mail Options
  • Statement Consolidation
  • Statements – Duplicates
  • Statements – Old Copies

Other Requests and Preferences

  • Foreign Currency Wire Transfers
  • Foreign Status Certification
  • Stock Plan Services
  • SSN/TIN Certification
  • Traditional and Roth IRA Conversion

Fidelity eDelivery

  • Immediate and secure access: Receive an e-mail as soon as your documents are available online
  • Extensive online history: Access multiple years of account statements and trade confirmations in one place
  • Organized and convenient recordkeeping: View, print or save documents from any internet connection
  • Flexible options: Choose which documents to receive online and request a free paper copy at any time

Get a Complete Picture of Your Investments

Full View® brings your financial life together online, providing secure access to online account information, including investment, retirement, bank accounts, loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

With Full View, you can:

  • Consolidate – View all your financial accounts on a single page that includes a snapshot of your net worth.
  • Simplify – No additional website addresses or passwords to remember.
  • Budget – It’s easy to set budget goals, get budget alerts, and run a variety of reports to help you track your spending.
  • Plan – Accounts can be included in many of Fidelity’s planning tools, giving you a clearer picture of how you are doing financially.


  • Dedicated online Learning Center
  • Watch List
  • Alerts
  • Quotes
  • Markets & Sectors
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • ETFs
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Income & Bonds
  • IPOs
  • Annuities

Helps you in Plannning

  • Managing Wealth
  • Taxes
  • College Savings
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Insurance
  • Charitable Giving
  • Life Events: Changing Jobs, Having a Child

Investment Products Overview

Investment Options

Mutual Funds

  • Choose from over 175 no–load Fidelity mutual funds and over 4,500 funds from other leading companies.
  • Fidelity Freedom Funds® pick the fund targeted to your retirement date. Our expert money managers do the rest.

Stocks and Options

  • Individual securities, Exchange–traded funds, and Options

Fixed Income

  • A large inventory of individual bonds, CDs, and bond mutual funds

Managed Portfolios

  • Have the professionals at Portfolio Advisory Services manage your portfolio for you.


  • Tax–deferred annuities help you to save for retirement.
    Income annuities convert a portion of your savings into a stream of income payments for life.

Life Insurance

  • Protect your family and financial plan with life insurance.


  • Wealth Advisor Solutions® – Your account executive can refer you to a member of our network of independent advisors who offer experience in the unique needs of affluent investors.
  • Trading at Fidelity – Trading Research, expertise: see why Fidelity has the people, guidance and investments to help you find your way.
  • Active Trader Pro® – Advanced functionality for eligible active traders including Nasdaq Level II quotes.
  • Cash Management – Debit cards with worldwide ATM access, Fidelity BillPay®, Electronic Funds Transfer and Checkwriting.

Credit Cards – Earn up to 2% on purchases for redemption into your eligible Fidelity account. Fidelity offers American Express and VISA reward card products to help you save for your investment goals.


  • The Fidelity Account® – a full–featured portfolio account with discounted commissions.
  • Retirement Investing – no–fee2 Roth and Traditional IRAs, and small business retirement plans
  • Fidelity® Cash Management Account – Take control of your cash: Cash Balances eligible for FDIC insurance, free Fidelity BillPay, free checkwriting and reimbursed ATM fees.
  • College Savings Accounts
  • Charitable Giving