SEC Filings for iShares MSCI Eurozone (EZU)

$ 34.785   0.065 (+0.19%) Volume: 5.92m 8:00 PM EDT May 29, 2020
Filing Type:
Form TypeForm DescriptionPagesDateView
N-CENAnnual Report for Registered Investment Companies111/14/2019
N-CSRCertified shareholder report of registered management investment companies75211/04/2019
485APOSPost-effective amendment [Rule 485(a)]41310/18/2019
497Definitive materials89410/11/2019
N-PXAnnual Report of Proxy Voting Record of Registered Management Investment Company108/29/2019
NPORT-EXPortfolio Holdings Exhibit to Form N-PORT407/29/2019
497Definitive materials68207/15/2019
497Definitive materials42105/29/2019
N-CSRSCertified Shareholder Report, Semi-Annual54005/07/2019
497Definitive materials164703/28/2019
N-QQuarterly Schedule of Portfolio Holdings of Registered Management Investment Company21701/29/2019
485BPOSPost-effective amendment [Rule 485(b)]601/17/2019
497JCertification of no change in definitive materials312/27/2018
497KSummary Prospectus for certain open-end management investment companies filed pursuant to Securities Act Rule 497(K)2312/28/2018
485BPOSPost-effective amendment [Rule 485(b)]630312/19/2018