Stock Gaps Up and Down for Aug-1 Morning

These stocks have gapped above or below the previous day’s close.

Gaps Up

Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc. (DVCR) < (DVCR) had a gap up today of 0.05 points or 1.50% above its previous close of $3.34. Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc. (DVCR) < is currently trading at $3.66 + 0.32 (9.58%).

Diversicare Healthcare Services Inc provides long term care services to its nursing center patients. Its services include nursing, ancillary health care services and assisted living.

Bionano Genomics Inc. (BNGO) < (BNGO) had a gap up today of (0.02) points or -0.77% above its previous close of $2.61. Bionano Genomics Inc. (BNGO) < is currently trading at $2.87 + 0.26 (9.96%).

(No Data Available)

Cross Country Healthcare Inc. (CCRN) < (CCRN) had a gap up today of 0.40 points or 4.21% above its previous close of $9.49. Cross Country Healthcare Inc. (CCRN) < is currently trading at $10.05 + 0.5629 (5.93%).

Cross Country Healthcare Inc provides healthcare staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions. The company operates business across three segments and mainly offers nurse and allied staffing, travel nurse, and branch-based local nurse in the US.

Fulgent Genetics Inc. (FLGT) < (FLGT) had a gap up today of 0.56 points or 8.41% above its previous close of $6.66. Fulgent Genetics Inc. (FLGT) < is currently trading at $7.77 + 1.11 (16.64%).

Fulgent Genetics Inc is a technology company offering genetic testing to provide physicians with clinically actionable diagnostic information used to improve the overall quality of patient care.

Nuvectra Corporation (NVTR) < (NVTR) had a gap up today of 0.30 points or 14.15% above its previous close of $2.12. Nuvectra Corporation (NVTR) < is currently trading at $2.29 + 0.165 (7.78%).

Nuvectra Corp is a medical device company in the United States. It manufactures devices to address chronic neurological disorders. The company has two reportable segments namely Nuvectra and NeuroNexus.

Akorn Inc. (AKRX) < (AKRX) had a gap up today of 0.18 points or 4.84% above its previous close of $3.72. Akorn Inc. (AKRX) < is currently trading at $3.80 + 0.08 (2.15%).

Akorn Inc is a United States based generic pharmaceutical company. It develops, manufactures and markets generic and branded prescription pharmaceuticals as well as private-label over-the-counter consumer health products and animal health pharmaceuticals.

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (RYAM) < (RYAM) had a gap up today of 0.23 points or 4.95% above its previous close of $4.65. Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (RYAM) < is currently trading at $5.43 + 0.78 (16.77%).

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc manufactures cellulose from wood. Its products are mainly used in a variety of applications, including cigarette filters, liquid crystal displays, paints, pharmaceuticals, and food.

The Rubicon Project Inc. (RUBI) < (RUBI) had a gap up today of 0.66 points or 8.67% above its previous close of $7.61. The Rubicon Project Inc. (RUBI) < is currently trading at $9.38 + 1.76 (23.19%).

The Rubicon Project Inc provides technology solutions consisting of applications for sellers, providers of websites, mobile applications and other digital media properties to automate the purchase and sale of advertising for both buyers and sellers.

RPC Inc. (RES) < (RES) had a gap up today of 0.58 points or 9.39% above its previous close of $6.18. RPC Inc. (RES) < is currently trading at $6.47 + 0.285 (4.61%).

RPC Inc provides oilfield services and equipment to oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration, production and development of oil and gas properties throughout the United States.

Gaps Down

Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd. (PME) < (PME) had a gap down today of (0.24) points or -8.25% below its previous close of $2.91. Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd. (PME) < is currently trading at $2.64 - 0.27 (9.28%).

Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd through its subsidiaries is engaged in ocean fishing. It harvests a variety of fish species with its owned and licensed vessels operating within the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone and the Arafura Sea of Indonesia.

ESSA Pharma Inc. (EPIX) < (EPIX) had a gap down today of (0.55) points or -23.11% below its previous close of $2.38. ESSA Pharma Inc. (EPIX) < is currently trading at $2.04 - 0.34 (14.29%).

ESSA Pharma Inc is a pharmaceutical company. The company is in preclinical stage, focused on the development of small molecule drugs for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Synthesis Energy Systems Inc. (SES) < (SES) had a gap down today of (1.27) points or -33.51% below its previous close of $3.79. Synthesis Energy Systems Inc. (SES) < is currently trading at $3.30 - 0.49 (12.93%).

Synthesis Energy Sys Inc with its subsidiaries develops, builds, owns and operates clean energy and chemical projects and also provides proprietary gasification technology systems and solutions to produce synthesis gas.

SRC Energy Inc. (SRCI) < (SRCI) had a gap down today of (0.94) points or -23.04% below its previous close of $4.08. SRC Energy Inc. (SRCI) < is currently trading at $3.90 - 0.18 (4.41%).

SRC Energy Inc, is an oil & natural gas company. It is engaged in the acquisition, development, exploitation, exploration and production of oil and natural gas properties.

Fitbit Inc. Class A (FIT) < (FIT) had a gap down today of (0.98) points or -23.33% below its previous close of $4.20. Fitbit Inc. Class A (FIT) < is currently trading at $3.34 - 0.865 (20.60%).

Fitbit Inc provides fitness tracking devices, wearable devices, and the health and fitness goals. It provides platform to combine connected health and fitness devices with software and services.

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