Stock Gaps Up and Down for May-3 Morning

These stocks have gapped above or below the previous day’s close.

Gaps Up

SkyPeople Fruit Juice Inc. (SPU) < (SPU) had a gap up today of 0.22 points or 10.23% above its previous close of $2.15. SkyPeople Fruit Juice Inc. (SPU) < is currently trading at $2.49 + 0.3399 (15.81%).

SkyPeople Fruit Juice Inc is a holding company, engaged in the business of production and sales of concentrated fruit juices, fast-frozen and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables and fruit juice drinks.

SurModics Inc. (SRDX) < (SRDX) had a gap up today of 1.29 points or 6.49% above its previous close of $19.88. SurModics Inc. (SRDX) < is currently trading at $22.52 + 2.64 (13.28%).

SurModics Inc is a provider of surface modification and in vitro diagnostic technologies to the healthcare industry.

Symmetry Surgical Inc (SSRG) < (SSRG) had a gap up today of 2.34 points or 22.50% above its previous close of $10.40. Symmetry Surgical Inc (SSRG) < is currently trading at $12.98 + 2.58 (24.81%).

Symmetry Surgical Inc offers a reusable stainless steel and titanium surgical hand-held instruments & retractor systems, sterile disposable surgical products and sterilization containers.

EarthLink Holdings Corp (ELNK) < (ELNK) had a gap up today of 0.45 points or 7.65% above its previous close of $5.88. EarthLink Holdings Corp (ELNK) < is currently trading at $6.21 + 0.33 (5.61%).

EarthLink Holdings Corp provides managed network, security & cloud solutions for multi-location businesses. It provides data, voice & managed services to retail & wholesale business; and Internet access & value-added services to residential customers.

Carbonite Inc. (CARB) < (CARB) had a gap up today of 1.40 points or 18.25% above its previous close of $7.67. Carbonite Inc. (CARB) < is currently trading at $9.16 + 1.49 (19.43%).

Carbonite Inc together with its subsidiaries, provides easy-to-use, affordable, and secure cloud backup solutions with anytime, anywhere access to files stored on it servers.

Kennametal Inc. (KMT) < (KMT) had a gap up today of 2.36 points or 9.95% above its previous close of $23.71. Kennametal Inc. (KMT) < is currently trading at $25.30 + 1.59 (6.68%).

Kennametal Inc is engaged in developing and manufacturing metalworking tools and wear-resistant engineered components and coatings. It supplies its products for transportation, general engineering, aerospace, defence, energy and earthworks sectors.

Trinet Group Inc. (TNET) < (TNET) had a gap up today of 1.26 points or 7.59% above its previous close of $16.60. Trinet Group Inc. (TNET) < is currently trading at $18.54 + 1.94 (11.69%).

Trinet Group Inc is a provider of a human resources solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Its HR solution includes services such as payroll processing, human capital consulting, employment law compliance and employee benefits & among others.

Fabrinet (FN) < (FN) had a gap up today of 2.89 points or 8.95% above its previous close of $32.29. Fabrinet (FN) < is currently trading at $35.59 + 3.30 (10.22%).

Fabrinet provides optical packaging and precision optical, electro-mechanical and electronic manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers of optical communication components, modules and sub-systems, industrial lasers and sensors.

Cognex Corp. (CGNX) < (CGNX) had a gap up today of 3.90 points or 11.08% above its previous close of $35.21. Cognex Corp. (CGNX) < is currently trading at $40.03 + 4.83 (13.70%).

Cognex Corp is a provider of machine vision products that capture and analyze visual information in order to automate tasks, mainly in manufacturing processes, where vision is required.

Mallinckrodt plc (MNK) < (MNK) had a gap up today of 4.53 points or 7.46% above its previous close of $60.71. Mallinckrodt plc (MNK) < is currently trading at $65.31 + 4.60 (7.58%).

Mallinckrodt PLC along with its subsidiaries operates in a specialty biopharmaceutical and nuclear imaging business that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes specialty pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products and nuclear imaging agents.

Gaps Down

Sajan Inc. (SAJA) < (SAJA) had a gap down today of (0.62) points or -11.72% below its previous close of $5.29. Sajan Inc. (SAJA) < is currently trading at $4.67 - 0.62 (11.72%).

Sajan Inc provides language translation services and technology solutions to companies, particularly in the technology, consumer products, medical and life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries.

Air Industries Group (AIRI) < (AIRI) had a gap down today of (0.81) points or -14.44% below its previous close of $5.61. Air Industries Group (AIRI) < is currently trading at $4.90 - 0.71 (12.66%).

Air Industries Group is an aerospace & defense company. The Company manufacture and design structural parts and assemblies that focus on flight safety, including landing gear, flight controls, throttle quadrants, jet engines and other components.

T2 Biosystems Inc (TTOO) < (TTOO) had a gap down today of (1.56) points or -16.76% below its previous close of $9.31. T2 Biosystems Inc (TTOO) < is currently trading at $9.15 - 0.16 (1.72%).

T2 Biosystems Inc is an in vitro diagnostic company. It has developed proprietary platform that enables direct detection of pathogens, biomarkers and other abnormalities across various unpurified patient sample types.

Harvard Bioscience Inc. (HBIO) < (HBIO) had a gap down today of (0.48) points or -15.14% below its previous close of $3.17. Harvard Bioscience Inc. (HBIO) < is currently trading at $2.97 - 0.20 (6.31%).

Harvard Bioscience Inc is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of scientific instruments, systems and lab consumables used to advance life science for basic research, drug discovery, clinical and environmental testing.

Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc (RVLT) < (RVLT) had a gap down today of (1.4484) points or -20.96% below its previous close of $6.91. Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc (RVLT) < is currently trading at $5.69 - 1.225 (17.73%).

Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc designs, manufactures, markets and sells, commercial grade, LED replacement lamps, LED fixtures and LED-based signage, channel-letter and contour lighting products.

Archrock Inc (AROC) < (AROC) had a gap down today of (3.525) points or -36.45% below its previous close of $9.67. Archrock Inc (AROC) < is currently trading at $6.10 - 3.5656 (36.87%).

Archrock Inc is engaged in the full service natural gas compression business and provision of operations, maintenance, service and equipment for oil and natural gas production, processing and transportation applications.

K2M Group Holdings Inc (KTWO) < (KTWO) had a gap down today of (3.91) points or -24.64% below its previous close of $15.87. K2M Group Holdings Inc (KTWO) < is currently trading at $11.41 - 4.465 (28.13%).

K2M Group Holdings Inc is a medical device company. The Company is engaged in designing, developing and commercializing proprietary complex spine technologies and techniques.

On Deck Capital Inc (ONDK) < (ONDK) had a gap down today of (3.08) points or -37.11% below its previous close of $8.30. On Deck Capital Inc (ONDK) < is currently trading at $5.60 - 2.70 (32.53%).

On Deck Capital Inc along with its subsidiaries is engaged in providing financing products to small businesses located throughout the United States, including term loans and lines of credit.

GrubHub Inc (GRUB) < (GRUB) had a gap down today of (3.59) points or -13.53% below its previous close of $26.54. GrubHub Inc (GRUB) < is currently trading at $24.26 - 2.2795 (8.59%).

GrubHub Inc provides an online and mobile platform for restaurant pick-up and delivery orders.

Community Health Systems Inc. (CYH) < (CYH) had a gap down today of (2.82) points or -17.92% below its previous close of $15.74. Community Health Systems Inc. (CYH) < is currently trading at $13.52 - 2.22 (14.10%).

Community Health Systems Inc operates general acute care hospitals in communities across the country. It provide healthcare services through the hospitals in non-urban and selected urban markets throughout the United States.

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