Stock Gaps Up and Down for Jul-2 Morning

These stocks have gapped above or below the previous day’s close.

Gaps Up

SilverBow Resorces Inc. (SBOW) < (SBOW) had a gap up today of 0.065 points or 2.09% above its previous close of $3.11. SilverBow Resorces Inc. (SBOW) < is currently trading at $3.33 + 0.215 (6.91%).

SilverBow Resources Inc is a US-based energy company. It explores, develops, and produces oil and gas from the Eagle Ford Shale. It possesses understanding of regional reservoirs which enhances its operations to maximize returns on capital invested.

Interpace Biosciences Inc. (IDXG) < (IDXG) had a gap up today of 0.2564 points or 5.81% above its previous close of $4.41. Interpace Biosciences Inc. (IDXG) < is currently trading at $5.26 + 0.845 (19.16%).

Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc is engaged in developing and commercializing molecular diagnostic tests, leveraging the latest technology and personalized medicine for diagnosis and management.

Ebang International Holdings Inc. (EBON) < (EBON) had a gap up today of (0.32) points or -8.06% above its previous close of $3.97. Ebang International Holdings Inc. (EBON) < is currently trading at $4.27 + 0.30 (7.56%).

(No Data Available)

Kaleyra Inc. (KLR) < (KLR) had a gap up today of 0.18 points or 4.60% above its previous close of $3.91. Kaleyra Inc. (KLR) < is currently trading at $4.18 + 0.2715 (6.94%).

GigCapital Inc is a blank check company. The company was formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses.

Broadway Financial Corporation (BYFC) < (BYFC) had a gap up today of 0.16 points or 7.08% above its previous close of $2.26. Broadway Financial Corporation (BYFC) < is currently trading at $2.53 + 0.2704 (11.96%).

Broadway Financial Corp through its subsidiary, Broadway Federal Bank, f.s.b is engaged in the business of attracting deposits from the general public and investing those deposits in mortgage loans.

Venus Concept Inc. (VERO) < (VERO) had a gap up today of 0.92 points or 28.84% above its previous close of $3.19. Venus Concept Inc. (VERO) < is currently trading at $4.05 + 0.86 (26.96%).

Restoration Robotics Inc is a medical device company. It develops and commercializes a robotic device, the ARTAS System, that assists physicians in surgery.

Chembio Diagnostics Inc. (CEMI) < (CEMI) had a gap up today of 0.41 points or 12.50% above its previous close of $3.28. Chembio Diagnostics Inc. (CEMI) < is currently trading at $3.84 + 0.56 (17.07%).

Chembio Diagnostics Inc develops, manufactures, and commercializes point of care diagnostic tests that detect infectious diseases. Its products are rapid tests for the detection of HIV 1\/2 antibodies, and for the detection of HIV and Syphilis antibodies.

Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp. Ltd. (SOLO) < (SOLO) had a gap up today of 0.1487 points or 6.38% above its previous close of $2.33. Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp. Ltd. (SOLO) < is currently trading at $2.73 + 0.4001 (17.17%).

Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp is an electronic vehicle company. It is engaged in manufacturing and selling of electronic vehicle in Canada.

Genius Brands International Inc. (GNUS) < (GNUS) had a gap up today of 0.16 points or 6.93% above its previous close of $2.31. Genius Brands International Inc. (GNUS) < is currently trading at $2.62 + 0.305 (13.20%).

Genius Brands International Inc is a media company that creates and licenses animated multimedia entertainment content. The company distributes its content in all formats as well as a broad range of consumer products based on its characters.

Harvard Bioscience Inc. (HBIO) < (HBIO) had a gap up today of (0.35) points or -10.20% above its previous close of $3.43. Harvard Bioscience Inc. (HBIO) < is currently trading at $3.58 + 0.15 (4.37%).

Harvard Bioscience Inc is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of scientific instruments, systems and lab consumables used to advance life science for basic research, drug discovery, clinical and environmental testing.

Gaps Down

Monaker Group Inc. (MKGI) < (MKGI) had a gap down today of (0.69) points or -26.54% below its previous close of $2.60. Monaker Group Inc. (MKGI) < is currently trading at $2.25 - 0.35 (13.46%).

Monaker Group Inc is a technology driven travel and logistics company with alternative lodging rentals products including whole unit vacation homes or timeshare resort units that are fully furnished, privately owned residential properties among others.

Gaps Up

Corporacion America Airports SA (CAAP) < (CAAP) had a gap up today of (0.27) points or -11.25% above its previous close of $2.40. Corporacion America Airports SA (CAAP) < is currently trading at $2.53 + 0.13 (5.42%).

Corporacion America Airports SA acquires, develops and operates airport concessions. The company is the largest private sector airport concession operator in the world based on the number of airports under management.

Gaps Down

GasLog Ltd. (GLOG) < (GLOG) had a gap down today of (0.29) points or -9.63% below its previous close of $3.01. GasLog Ltd. (GLOG) < is currently trading at $2.94 - 0.07 (2.33%).

GasLog Ltd is primarily engaged in the ownership, operation and management of vessels in the LNG market, providing maritime services for the transportation of LNG on a worldwide basis and LNG vessel management services.

Polar Power Inc. (POLA) < (POLA) had a gap down today of (1.06) points or -33.87% below its previous close of $3.13. Polar Power Inc. (POLA) < is currently trading at $2.37 - 0.76 (24.28%).

Polar Power Inc designs, manufactures and sells direct current, or DC, power systems for applications in the telecommunications, military, electric vehicle charging, cogeneration, distributed power and uninterruptable power supply markets.

YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW) < (YRCW) had a gap down today of (0.55) points or -17.03% below its previous close of $3.23. YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW) < is currently trading at $2.97 - 0.265 (8.20%).

YRC Worldwide Inc offers transportation services. It has a comprehensive less-than-truckload networks in North America with local, regional, national and international capabilities.

MYOS RENS Technology Inc. (MYOS) < (MYOS) had a gap down today of (1.70) points or -69.67% below its previous close of $2.44. MYOS RENS Technology Inc. (MYOS) < is currently trading at $2.13 - 0.31 (12.70%).

Myos Rens Technology Inc focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of products that improve muscle health and function essential to the management of sarcopenia, cachexia and degenerative muscle diseases.

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