Stock Gaps Up and Down for Jan-29 Morning

These stocks have gapped above or below the previous day’s close.

Gaps Up

Selecta Biosciences Inc. (SELB) < (SELB) had a gap up today of 0.1297 points or 4.53% above its previous close of $2.86. Selecta Biosciences Inc. (SELB) < is currently trading at $3.00 + 0.14 (4.90%).

Selecta Biosciences Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company using its proprietary synthetic vaccine particle technology to discover and develop targeted therapies designed to modulate the immune system to treat rare and serious diseases.

Aethlon Medical Inc. (AEMD) < (AEMD) had a gap up today of (0.57) points or -19.06% above its previous close of $2.99. Aethlon Medical Inc. (AEMD) < is currently trading at $3.16 + 0.17 (5.69%).

Aethlon Medical Inc is a medical technology company. It operates through two segments namely Aethlon for therapeutic applications and ESI for diagnostic applications.

Accuray Incorporated (ARAY) < (ARAY) had a gap up today of 0.53 points or 14.06% above its previous close of $3.77. Accuray Incorporated (ARAY) < is currently trading at $4.45 + 0.68 (18.04%).

Accuray Inc is a radiation oncology company that develops, manufactures, sells and supports precise treatment solutions. Its products includes the CyberKnife Systems and the TomoTherapy Systems.

NF Energy Saving Corporation (BIMI) < (BIMI) had a gap up today of 0.0501 points or 1.85% above its previous close of $2.71. NF Energy Saving Corporation (BIMI) < is currently trading at $2.95 + 0.2396 (8.84%).

NF Energy Saving Corp is engaged in the provision of energy saving technology consulting, optimization design services, energy saving reconstruction of pipeline networks and contractual energy management services.

ATIF Holdings Limited (ATIF) < (ATIF) had a gap up today of 0.4796 points or 25.24% above its previous close of $1.90. ATIF Holdings Limited (ATIF) < is currently trading at $2.88 + 0.9751 (51.32%).

(No Data Available)

Lee Enterprises Incorporated (LEE) < (LEE) had a gap up today of 1.08 points or 85.71% above its previous close of $1.26. Lee Enterprises Incorporated (LEE) < is currently trading at $2.77 + 1.51 (119.84%).

Lee Enterprises Inc is a premier publisher of local news, information and advertising in midsize markets, with 46 daily newspapers and a joint interest in four others, rapidly growing online sites.

Gaps Down

Trans World Entertainment Corp. (TWMC) < (TWMC) had a gap down today of (0.56) points or -13.27% below its previous close of $4.22. Trans World Entertainment Corp. (TWMC) < is currently trading at $3.95 - 0.275 (6.52%).

Trans World Entertainment Corp is a specialty retailer of music, video and video game products in the United States. It operates a chain of retail entertainment stores and e-commerce sites.

Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARMP) < (ARMP) had a gap down today of (2.73) points or -56.29% below its previous close of $4.85. Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARMP) < is currently trading at $4.06 - 0.7948 (16.39%).

Ampliphi Biosciences Corp engages in discovery, development, and commercialization of novel phage therapeutics.

SunCoke Energy Inc. (SXC) < (SXC) had a gap down today of (0.8701) points or -15.68% below its previous close of $5.55. SunCoke Energy Inc. (SXC) < is currently trading at $5.03 - 0.52 (9.37%).

SunCoke Energy Inc is engaged in the production of metallurgical coke in the Americas. The Company also owns and operates coal mining operations in Virginia and West Virginia.

Intelsat S.A. (I) < (I) had a gap down today of (1.5659) points or -28.84% below its previous close of $5.43. Intelsat S.A. (I) < is currently trading at $4.32 - 1.1102 (20.45%).

Intelsat SA provides satellite communication services and ground facilities related to the satellite operations and control, and teleport services.

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