Stock Gaps Up and Down for Aug-12 Morning

These stocks have gapped above or below the previous day’s close.

Gaps Up

OpGen Inc (OPGN) < (OPGN) had a gap up today of 0.00 points above its previous close of $2.85. OpGen Inc (OPGN) < is currently trading at $3.20 + 0.35 (12.28%).

OpGen Incu00A0is an early commercial stage company using rapid molecular testing and bioinformatics to assist healthcare providers to combat multi-drug-resistant infections.

Aquasition Corp (KBSF) < (KBSF) had a gap up today of 0.3001 points or 8.83% above its previous close of $3.40. Aquasition Corp (KBSF) < is currently trading at $3.65 + 0.2506 (7.37%).

KBS Fashion Group Ltd isu00A0a casual menswear company in China. The Company is engaged in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of its fashion menswear, through network of stores.

Diversified Restaurant Holdings Inc. (BAGR) < (BAGR) had a gap up today of (0.18) points or -6.72% above its previous close of $2.68. Diversified Restaurant Holdings Inc. (BAGR) < is currently trading at $2.83 + 0.15 (5.60%).

Diversified Restaurant Holdings Inc owns, and operates, as well as render management and marketing services for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants and its own restaurant concept, Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burgers and Fries.

Sharps Compliance Corp (SMED) < (SMED) had a gap up today of 0.19 points or 3.11% above its previous close of $6.10. Sharps Compliance Corp (SMED) < is currently trading at $6.78 + 0.68 (11.15%).

Sharps Compliance Corp is a national provider of waste management services including medical, pharmaceutical and hazardous. It serve customers in multiple markets such as home health care, retail clinics and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Enzymotec Ltd. (ENZY) < (ENZY) had a gap up today of 2.59 points or 33.55% above its previous close of $7.72. Enzymotec Ltd. (ENZY) < is currently trading at $9.49 + 1.77 (22.93%).

Enzymotec Ltd develops, manufactures, markets & sells innovative bio-functional lipid ingredients, and final products, based on sophisticated proprietary processes & technologies. The Company’s segments include Nutrition Segment & VAYA Pharma Segment.

EZchip Semiconductor Ltd (EZCH) < (EZCH) had a gap up today of 0.64 points or 3.79% above its previous close of $16.87. EZchip Semiconductor Ltd (EZCH) < is currently trading at $19.26 + 2.39 (14.17%).

EZChip Semiconductor Ltd is engaged in the development & marketing of Internet application solutions to improve the connectivity & performance of corporate LAN & WAN.

Opower Inc (OPWR) < (OPWR) had a gap up today of 0.80 points or 8.43% above its previous close of $9.49. Opower Inc (OPWR) < is currently trading at $10.75 + 1.25 (13.22%).

Opower Inc is a cloud-based software provider to the utility industry. The Company’s software analyzes energy data and presents personalized insights to consumers in order to motivate reductions in energy consumption.

Seabridge Gold (SA) < (SA) had a gap up today of 0.31 points or 5.38% above its previous close of $5.76. Seabridge Gold (SA) < is currently trading at $6.24 + 0.48 (8.33%).

Seabridge Gold Inc is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of gold properties in North America. The Company owns five properties with gold resources and its material properties are its KSM Project and its Courageous Lake Project.

Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc (EBIO) < (EBIO) had a gap up today of 0.53 points or 22.65% above its previous close of $2.34. Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc (EBIO) < is currently trading at $6.04 + 3.70 (158.12%).

Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with a proprietary protein engineering platform, called AMP-Rx, that it applies to the discovery and development of protein therapeutics to treat diseases of the eye.

Wayfair Inc (W) < (W) had a gap up today of 5.20 points or 13.62% above its previous close of $38.17. Wayfair Inc (W) < is currently trading at $45.30 + 7.13 (18.68%).

Wayfair Inc is engaged in e-commerce business. It offers visually inspiring browsing, compelling merchandising and easy product discovery. It offers brands including, Joss & Main, AllModern, DwellStudio and Birch Lane.

Gaps Down

Avalon Holdings Corp. (AWX) < (AWX) had a gap down today of (0.16) points or -7.51% below its previous close of $2.13. Avalon Holdings Corp. (AWX) < is currently trading at $2.07 - 0.06 (2.82%).

Avalon Holdings Corp provides waste management services to industrial, commercial, municipal and governmental customers in selected northeastern and Midwestern U.S. markets. It is also engaged in operating golf courses and related facilities.

ARI Network Services Inc. (ARIS) < (ARIS) had a gap down today of (0.3844) points or -11.47% below its previous close of $3.35. ARI Network Services Inc. (ARIS) < is currently trading at $3.10 - 0.2544 (7.59%).

ARI Network Services Inc offers suite of data-driven software tools and marketing services to help dealers, equipment manufacturers and distributors in selected vertical markets Sell More Stuff – online and in-store.

Invuity Inc (IVTY) < (IVTY) had a gap down today of (1.83) points or -16.28% below its previous close of $11.24. Invuity Inc (IVTY) < is currently trading at $10.25 - 0.99 (8.81%).

Invuity Incu00A0develops single-use and reusable illuminated surgical devices, which provide surgeons with illumination and direct visualization of surgical cavities during open minimally invasive and minimal access procedures.

First Acceptance (FAC) < (FAC) had a gap down today of (0.35) points or -11.71% below its previous close of $2.99. First Acceptance (FAC) < is currently trading at $2.68 - 0.31 (10.37%).

First Acceptance Corp is a retailer, servicer & underwriter of non-standard personal automobile insurance. It writes non-standard personal automobile insurance in 12 states and are licensed as an insurer in 13 additional states.

Medley Management Inc (MDLY) < (MDLY) had a gap down today of (2.7099) points or -33.33% below its previous close of $8.13. Medley Management Inc (MDLY) < is currently trading at $7.95 - 0.18 (2.21%).

Medley Management Inc is an asset management company. The Company provides investment management services to permanent capital vehicles and long-dated private funds and separately managed accounts.

TCP International Holdings Ltd (TCPI) < (TCPI) had a gap down today of (0.499) points or -16.74% below its previous close of $2.98. TCP International Holdings Ltd (TCPI) < is currently trading at $2.81 - 0.1699 (5.70%).

TCP International Holdings Ltd is a producer and provider of energy efficient light bulbs to the structures of light bulb market. It designs, develops, manufacture and deliver quality energy efficient lamps, fixtures & among others.

Contango Oil & Gas Co. (MCF) < (MCF) had a gap down today of (1.26) points or -15.89% below its previous close of $7.93. Contango Oil & Gas Co. (MCF) < is currently trading at $7.81 - 0.12 (1.51%).

Contango Oil & Gas Company is an independent energy company. It is engaged in the exploration, development, production and acquisition of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids reserves in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cleveland BioLabs Inc (CBLI) < (CBLI) had a gap down today of (1.04) points or -22.32% below its previous close of $4.66. Cleveland BioLabs Inc (CBLI) < is currently trading at $4.02 - 0.6354 (13.64%).

Cleveland BioLabs Inc is a drug development company seeking to develop first-in-class pharmaceuticals designed to address diseases withu00A0significantu00A0unmet medical need.

INC Research Holdings Inc (INCR) < (INCR) had a gap down today of (5.90) points or -12.24% below its previous close of $48.20. INC Research Holdings Inc (INCR) < is currently trading at $44.30 - 3.90 (8.09%).

INC Research Holdings Inc is a Contract Research Organization providing clinical development services for biopharmaceutical & medical device industries. It has three operating segments: Clinical Development Services, Phase I Services & Global Consulting.

Fossil Group Inc. (FOSL) < (FOSL) had a gap down today of (7.18) points or -11.56% below its previous close of $62.11. Fossil Group Inc. (FOSL) < is currently trading at $58.77 - 3.34 (5.38%).

Fossil Group Inc is a design, marketing and distribution company of consumer fashion accessories. It offers men’s and women’s fashion watches and jewelry, handbags, small leather goods, belts, sunglasses, soft accessories and select apparel.

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