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  • Focus will be on stocks between $.01 and $3 with a goal of at least
    10-20% profit
  • Strategies to include bounce plays, pullbacks, swing trades, and momentum plays.
  • 5-15 real-time trades, each week
  • LIVE Chat Room -- With realtime alerts

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Gain of $50,000!

"Was up over $100,000 on ANTH, but didn't fare as well as I had hoped. Final gain of $50,478.77. Still a great couple of days...what's next?!"


"Hey Oliver, I want to thank you for your alerts because as I see they win almost every time. it's amazing dude!!"

No One's Better!

"No one picks these rebound plays any better than you man!"

Scott Stewart - Dallas, TX

Saruniz - Oakland, CA

Nick Barnett - Buffalo, NY

ONLY $199 every 3 months
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Commonly Asked Questions

1) Who is Oliver Crowne?

A veteran trader with a proven track record and a huge bag of tricks to exploit!

2) How much do I need to trade with Oliver Crowne?

As little as $500 and the sky is the limit.

3) What are bounce plays?

A strategy focused on buying any given equity once the price drops to an important support level or through all support... The best bounce plays are stocks that fall far and fast!

4) What are pullbacks?

Usually an intraday trade as the strategy calls for buying an equity after it has reached an apex earlier in the day and has fallen back to a moving average - similar to bounce plays.

5) What are swing trades?

This strategy normally calls for a 2-4 day hold and is heavily dependent on technical analyses. Short-term momentum is the name of the game and stock value does not play much of a role.

6) What are momentum plays?

Better known as a Momo play, which is an advanced trading strategy and unfortunately most new stock traders get suckered into trying to hit homeruns everytime on these stocks. This is also where the most bagholders are created! In this strategy the buy and hold method is forgotten so positive short-term price movement can be realized!

7) How many trades can I expect to receive each week?

Expect to receive at least ten and a possible twenty-one or more trades per week!

8) Is day-trading micro and small caps risky?

The short answer is definitely! With great risk comes great reward and with great strategies one can mitigate the risk from any given trade.

ONLY $199 every 3 months

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