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REVO Runs 300% and Scores $45,000 Profits For One Member

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 1:05 PM
Hello Traders and thanks for taking a look at my SuperNova Elite newsletter here at TopStockPicks. As many of you know by now my service focuses on penny stock and small cap stocks trading from $.001 to $3.00 in price. We are mostly short term and scalp traders but we do have our swing and swing long trades on stocks ranging from $1.00 to $2.00 in price. As a matter of fact, if you are looking to get a "Free Report" sent to you, just click on this link here now. Now, if you are someone who is tired of all the pumps and other newsletters out there who just stick the same stock symbol in your face day after day and promise you that "this is the last buying opportunity before it runs to $10" then I know exactly what your feeling and I would like to tell you about a honest, open communication newsletter for you. My SuperNova Elite service is geared around you the trader. Our focus is teaching you how to turn your trading around, how to get you out of your losing habits and train you how to make winning trades. We do this by putting you through a series of "courses" which will teach you step by step how to read technical aspects of stock charts. How to find optimal entry and exit points and lock in the most profit possible while also teaching you how to minimize the occasional loss when its is minimal rather than losing 50 or 60% on the trades other newsletters keep pumping to you. Now, I don't want to put too much in front of you right now but REVO was an alert of ours in our chat room on Monday, which happens to have upward of 400 full and part time traders participating each day; all working for the common good of the group and to make money in the stock market. One of our "moderators" which we have 5 of, who take pride in helping traders learn our system as well as find action ready stocks, ran across REVO at $.003. The alert was sent via chat as a possible trade to $.006 which was 100% gain. The stock did hit $.006 and actually traded at $.0063 Monday. Many sold per our alert, but some held based on the teachings we have taught. Tuesday morning REVO has been as high as $.012 which is another 100% run from Monday and now up over 300 to 400% from the alert. Even if you got just 1/5th of this and took home 50 to 60%, wouldn't that change your trading? Change your portfolio around and get you back on the winning side of things? Listen to what this member said "SA (Jeff) thanks solely to your teachings myself and a few others in the group were able to identify a specific list of stocks we consistently trade daily for 15-20% gainers. That list included REVO which I just cashed out a 1000% gain on. $10k buy then $57k sell! I made her a deal with my wife that I would pay off her car by Easter if she agreed to give me our savings because of the track record I had since joining you. I'm going to call and pay it off when my funds clear" Mike That's over a $45,000 profit on one trade, it's life changing and now he is paying off a CAR for his wife. How good do you think that feels? Lets take a look at some of last weeks results: DRYS alert $1.95, current price $2.17, gain over 10% EXM alert $.50, current price $.60, gain 20% BBDA alert $.0057, current price $.0055 down 3% ELAY alert $.0013, sell $.0016, gain 23% LDK alerted at $1.50s, current price $1.83 for over 15% gain AUGT alerted $.70, current price $.75, gain 8% SNTL alert $.15, hit $.22, gain 46% STP alerted at $1.51, current price $1.80 for over 15% gain. Total gain of 196% including my one down stock (which I have not sold yet) I am going to reduce the normal $299 per quarter price to just $249, so act quickly! SuperNova University is just now starting and will run to March 31 for Semester 1. If you want to get in at the ground level and build a solid foundation of trading skills, scanning skills and technical skills then now is your time to get on board! For those who are new to my newsletter I would like to welcome you. My focus is on $.001 to $3.00 stocks with strong volume and proper catalysts for making profits. I am just now in 2013 starting a brand new "SuperNova University" / "Mentor Program" that will be available to Elite members. The purpose of this program is to meet frequently to give you easy to understand high definition learning videos and handouts. Let you digest them and then give you a open book exam. After the exam, we will meet as a group in my interactive "Seminar" room where we will check for understanding and then open the floor to questions. Then we move on. The curriculum is designed for a full 3 to 4 month program. (It does NOT need to be done LIVE, it works great for full time workers because you can view the archived material at any time) The goal is to have you fully understanding technical analysis, chart scanning, buy/sell cues and of course making big profit while reducing risk; something that other newsletters NEVER teach you about. If you would like to join this Elite group, then use the "Special Offer" details below and SAVE by signing up early. For a LIMITED time, I am going to offer a SPECIAL Price My "Special Offer" will run until January 31st at midnight. Just click on the button above will get a $500 discount EVERY quarter you stay with me. So instead of $299 per quarter the price will be reduced to $249 per quarter for every quarter you stay on. To get the discount, just click on the "Special Offer" button and then on the next landing page click on "Buy Now" button, fill out the bottom form and submit. Remember, not only do you get in on my SuperNova University but you also get LIVE buy AND sell emails/ text alerts and chat room updates. Instant access to a community of stock traders that stands at 400 and counting. We meet each day in our conference chat room to discuss the days hottest trades and profit right along side each other. You also get NIGHTLY stock scans Educational Video lessons Interactive webinars and more! As I said above, I would like to thank and congratulate those who have decided that "today" was their last day of consistently losing money in the stock market. I am here to help guide you toward financial freedom for 2013 and beyond. Please email me on the day off tomorrow with any questions you might have and don't forget, the $249 special offer ends January 31st at midnight! Jeff

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