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Tuesday, March 5, 2013 10:51 AM
Good Day Traders, Many of you email me asking "What is the SuperNova newsletter anyway?" and what is all the hype about? Looking for a FREE stock report sent to your inbox? Click here now First of all my newsletter is a dream come true for day traders. Now, you wonder why my service is great for "day traders?" Well, most of our alerts are bought and sold the following day which means you are not using your "Round trips" so you don't have to worry about that 3 trade in a 5 day rolling period SEC rule! Over the past month and a half I have had 21 trade alerts and of those we have had 18 wins and 3 losses. The winners AND the losers have seen a combined GAIN of 470% which is an average of 23% per trade (that's with the 3 losers mixed in) with individual day gains of 35%, 53% and 55% all achieved. Our average gain is over 4 to 5 TIMES that of our losing trades. Now, even if you didn't grab the bottom and top of each of these alerts but you got just 1/2 of those gains; that would be 235% worth of gains in just under 2 months worth of time. Other great advantages of the SuperNova Elite program are, you do NOT need to maintain a $25,000 balance as we are trading normal amounts of cash in each trade. We are not a system that puts in $50,000 in a trade looking for 2% which is great for the $50,000 trader but the average $1,000 trader doesn't even make enough to cover commissions on this type of trade. Our goal is 10 to 20% on a trade and as you can see, several times we are hitting much larger wins! Now, this is all great for me to tell you about but what are other SuperNova Elite members saying about my service?
Jeff, I set a goal for myself in October to try to make $200 a day. I wanted 12k by the end of December. I work for myself and honestly I am very tired of the grind of constantly chasing clients for money. If I can pull $300 a day, that is enough for me to just daytrade and give up my business. I am proud to say with your help from October to today I have pulled in 29,117.00 which completely crushed my own goal. Thank you for making a difference in my families life ~ Robert
Jeff, ran out of fingers and toes but i made $2,850 on GGR ~ Illgoblind
Jeff, just wanted to say thanks for all the work you and your team of moderators do. My account is now up 450% since August! I am only 21, so this has been an amazing opportunity! So again, thank you! ~ Tanner
Jeff, SRGE sold at 69% percent profit. For a total profit of $6,900.00 thanks again for your valued opinion on the alert. ~ Stephen Now, if my "buy and sell email/text alerts are not enough for you, let me show you what else you get with my "Elite" membership.
I have been a stock trader for over 16 years and my focus has been on small cap stocks which include sub penny, penny and under $3.00 stocks. I hyper trade, day trade, swing trade and occasionally short to medium term trade. You won't see me holding many "penny stocks" long term because my focus is on making all of us quick money and then moving on. I am a regular person who loves stocks. I got burned several years ago listening to "message board" pumps that told me my stock was going to $1.00 when it was trading at $.01 and "buy the dips" while everyone else sold their shares. Yup, been there, done that! Lost my shirt and then some. So I sat down and for the next year or so I learned how to read charts and understand the little things that make penny stocks tick. Technical indicators, moving averages, market makers, times and sales and anything else I could get my hands on, I studied it for months; in a nut shell I learned it all! Now I am ready to share my knowledge with you and my goal is to teach you how to become a smarter more profitable investor just like me. About three to five times a week I will send you an email, cell phone text and chat room alert with one or two action ready stock symbols that I feel are good day-trades, swing trades or sometimes short term trades. The alert will include the company, price targets, stop loss and reasons why I feel this stock will perform favorably for us in the near future. I have even gone as far as setting up a "SuperNova" chat room only where members can come and talk to me directly during the morning market hours. Currently we have over 420 "Elite" members in chat with me as I break down stocks live for them as well as give them action ready stocks that are looking ready to produce big gains. Heck just recently I have had stocks of 15% gains, 20% gains, 35% gains and more! Tell me what bank gives you those kinds of returns! So are you sick and tired of being stuck in every pump and dump stock? Tired of getting in on the top of the run only to lose big bucks? What about not knowing when to enter when the stock pulls back? Can't read a chart? Don't know what broker to use? To subscribe just click on this link right here and hit "Buy Now" to start getting hot stock alerts sent right to your inbox. It really is THAT EASY. I have even reduced my start up prices to be the best value to you of any other "Penny Stock and Small Cap Stock Newsletter around. Trust me when I say you WON'T find another newsletter that gives you
  1. over 50 educational lessons,
  2. over 20 HOURS of interactive Webinars,
  3. Full chat room access,
  4. nightly watch lists of 2 -4 of the highest quality stocks based on technical analysis
  5. Did I mention text alerts for those at work or not sitting in front of their computers all day? Yes, text alerts, email alerts and 24/7 tech support from myself.
Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Remember, my job is dedicated to helping you STOP losing money and start MAKING money in the stock market Jeff  

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