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Hi, my name is Jeff Williams and I run the SuperNova Newsletter.

I would like to introduce myself and give you a quick glimpse of what my services are all about and why my service is rated #1 among the penny stock community.

First off, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Trust me when I say I have been around the block on the penny stock and small cap stock "shark tank" a long time. 16 years of trading these highly volatile trades have opened my eyes to many things.

Like you, I have experienced many ups and downs in the stock world. As a matter of fact, when I first started trading, I lost more than I ever wanted, but to be honest, that's what lit the fire under me to want to LEARN and TEACH; teach people just like you how to avoid these costly mistakes that I made myself.

Very quickly, I have been trading penny and small cap companies ranging from $.001 to $5.00 for about 16 years like I said above. I have a Master in education which I feel separates me from the rest of the crowd. I currently have over 105 educational video lesson that you can view by clicking here.


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Jeff, The lessons on SuperNova Elite are way more valuable than the amazing picks. They will change your life, great info! 7/18 ~ Sponger

Yes, I’ve completely turned my portfolio around since joining this room! I love this place. GERN in at 1.32, out at 1.77 thanks SA for the advice, I sold up $5,400"
~ Explorer12

"SuperNova has helped me learn the strategies I needed to capitalize on my day trading skills of buying low and selling high. While swing-trading, I profited $464,308 on ARNA alone by understanding when to sell the stock and when to buy back in! Thank you SuperNova for polishing my trading abilities! That chat room’s advice and support to help you make the right calls really go a long way! Trading without this site is non-negotiable for me!"
~ Mark.

Jeff, out of FlowTraders alert on PRTS @ 1.22 for $300

~ Anthony

Jeff, out JSDA alert at .90 from entry of .80 or 13% profits

~ Jarrad

Jeff, I sold your SEEK alert from .0009 to .0013 for 44% gains!  I had 1 million shares

~ Elaine

Jeff, Thanks for JSDA I just picked up 13% profits, couldn’t done it w/out You!

~ Bob

FFN on Jeff’s alert; in @ .59 out .7408 for 25% profits

~ Henry

Jeff, total of $6,000 profits from your USU call back at $5 range. Thank you SuperNova

~ James

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More Information About The Program...

What price stocks does the SuperNova newsletter focus on?

SuperNova Elite will focus on stocks from $.001 to $3 in price or “penny stocks” as traders would call them. Our focus is on short term trading and scalp trading.

What types of trades do you give to members?

I mostly email/text out swing trades or trades I feel will last at least a few hours. The reason for this is I want to give people that rely only on email/text time to get into the trade and have a chance to make money and not just get stuck in a pump and dump.

Do you offer “scalp” trading or fast in and out trading?

Yes, we do offer scalp trading and we do most of this inside the chat room.  Please join the chat room for these types of alerts. To get to our chat room, simply log into the website and then on the top menu bar you will see “SuperNova Elite” hover over that and a drop down box will appear. Click on “Chat” to join us during market hours.

Will the “scalp” trades be sent via email/text?

Only if I feel that stock will be "in play" for more than a few hours. The reason for it is because these trades are typically very FAST moving up and then back down. By the time I send the alert, we are probably already selling and remember, I don’t want to put you in a situation where you are buying the shares we are selling. That is called a “pump and dump”

How many alerts should I expect each week?

We do 3 – 5 on a strong week but when the markets are down it may only be 1 or 2. Please understand it is MY job to not only give you QUALITY alerts but also protect your money in a down market.

How will I get the alerts?

You will get them via chat room, email and text message alert

Where can I find your “Nightly Watch List” stocks.

You can view my nightly watch list plays in the member's area , these are also sent out via email each night.

Where is the best place for me to START if I am new? 

The "Table of Contents" is now filled with over 105 educational video lessons which are put into 3 "Steps." Step 1 is for beginners, step 2 for intermediate and step 3 for advanced traders. You can view the "Table of Contents" for in the member's area.  

Where are your “Video” lessons that can help me understand chart indicators and how to become a smarter investor?

For a full list of over 20 hours of quick 15 minute video lessons, go to the member's area. Keep in mind, at the bottom left of each page is a “Older Post” link, this will take you to previous pages of work. Same for Webinars in the next question.

Where can I find the “Webinar” area of the site?

There are currently over 20 hours of interactive webinars in the member's area.

Can I access the live stock chat room from work?

Yes you can, from work or from your mobile device.






My penny stock trading method
works and it can work for you.
Take action, today!