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(PAYUSD) TenX Pay Token Price Today


What is TenX Pay Token?

When we as the co-founders of TenX got together to start this company, it was our vision to have assets on the blockchain be not only available to industry insiders, but rather something that can be used by any individual user in the real world.

Additionally, with the emergence of more and more different tokens, a growing number of users and businesses truly struggle to leverage on the existing infrastructure to make this interconnectedness of physical and virtual platforms become a reality. At TenX, we strive to offer the user access to as large as possible a range of blockchain assets at a maximum degree of convenience, while adhering to the highest security standards in the ecosystem.

We are able to do this by connecting blockchains, leveraging on the COMIT network, including the COMIT Routing Protocol and the Cross-chain Payment Channels, which works in a completely trustless, instantaneous and low-cost manner.

To the end-user, we offer the TenX Card, a debit (and, in time to come, credit) card, with an accompanying TenX Wallet, a mobile wallet that can be funded not only with Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Dash (DASH) as currently possible, but also with virtually any blockchain asset in time to come. TenX payment facilities which include the physical and virtual debit card can be used in almost 200 countries at over 36 million points of acceptance today. This is possible as we have card issuance partnerships with major credit card companies. Moreover, users and businesses can exchange their blockchain assets seamlessly from one user to another in a decentralized manner, removing any risk that is usually associated with current centralized solutions.